A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

People often wonder who is their best friend and whom they can rely on. An ancient phrase says A friend in need is a friend indeed. Now you must be wondering what it means. What does friend in need is a friend indeed mean? 

Well, it is simple. It means a friend who helps you in difficult times is a friend you can rely on. That person is undoubtedly one of your loyal friends. This phrase describes the essential characteristic of a friend, Loyalty. 

A friend who stands out for you in times of need is a friend to keep. However, this is what Friendship is. Friends are supposed to have your back at all times. No matter how complex the situations are. You will always have your best friends backing you up. 

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Whoever said a friend in need is a friend indeed must be a very wise person. He must have known the true meaning of a friend. We find our best friends in our worst times. Best friends are those whom you look up to in times of hardship. 

Moreover, you will be in a loyal friendship with that person. A loyal friend will never leave you. Everyone will back off, but a silly person will stand next to you. That is your best friend. This is what true friendship looks like. 

There are a lot of characteristics that a friend has. But Loyalty in Friendship is probably the most important of all of them. The noticeable thing about this phrase is it goes both ways. If someone is always available for you when you need them, you must also be there for them when they need you. 


Importance Of Understanding "A Friend in Need Is A Friend Indeed"


You need to understand the importance of this phrase. This will help you grow as a better person and a perfect friend in life. The phrase "a friend in need is a friend indeed" has a complex but easy concept. 

The phrase is a description of Loyalty in itself. Loyalty is an essential characteristic of true friendship. Being loyal in a friendship doesn't mean that you share anything and everything with your friend. It means that you never cheat on him. Being loyal means you must stay true to your friend and your friendship. 

Loyalty in friendship is significant. It makes your friendship stronger. Loyalty is the source of trust in your friendship. The irony is, Loyal Friendships are rare nowadays. People back out on their friends nowadays. This is why most people are hesitant to make new friends. 

Loyal friendship does not mean playing a 'true friendship quiz' with your friends. It means being unconditional. There is no place for expectations in a friendship. When you start expecting from a friendship, you will start being disloyal to friendship. 

Characteristics Of A Loyal Friendship

Loyalty in friendship means you must stick by your friend's side and support him in every way possible. It means that you must be true to your friend. If your friend is right, appreciate him, and build his confidence. But, if your friend is wrong, tell him he is wrong. 

There are a few characteristics of loyal friends. Here are Some of them:

  • Never Back Down: Whenever your friend needs you, you must be there. A friend in need is a Friend indeed. If you won't help your friends when they need you the most, how would you expect them to help you? 
  • No talking behind the back: You never tell your best friend's secrets to anyone else. You never gossip behind your friend's back. This will only leave you disappointed. When your friend finds out, he will be disappointed. And might stop talking to you. On the other hand, whoever knows that you have cheated on your best friend, won't want to be friends with you. 
  • Staying True: It is what we have been discussing above. It simply means you must have the guts to confront your friend for what is wrong. Appreciate your friends for their excellent work. But, also be their best critics. 

What Makes A Loyal Friendship? How To Be A Friend In Need?

  • Loyal friendship requires certain things. This is an unsaid fact, but almost everybody knows it. You must care about some things to become a friend in need. 
  • Care: Care is what people always crave. If you care about someone, they might reveal their vulnerable side to you. 
  • Truthfulness: Loyalty in Friendship has a lot of definitions. But one of the definitions is loyal friends always stay true to their friends. They give the least emotional and most logical advice to their friends. They appreciate when needed and criticize as well.
  • Protection: Loyal friends always protect you. They always watch your back and protect you from every harm that comes your way. 
  • Keeping happy: True friends always find a way to cheer up your mood. True friendship always makes you happy if you are into a breakup, family issue, or other problem. They do silly things to make you smile. 
  • No Judging: Loyalty in Friendship also means no judging. It would be best if you listened to your friends without judging them. 
  • Sharing Moments: Friends always find a way to enjoy even the smallest moments with you. No matter how big or how small the happiness, be happy together. When you share your happiness, even the most minor things become a great joy. 


Q. What does a Friend in need is a friend indeed mean?

Ans. A friend in need is a friend indeed means a friend who helps you in your times of hardship, is a friend you can count on. 

Q. Who said a friend in need is a friend indeed?

Ans. The origin of this phrase goes back to the 3rd Century BC. Quintus Ennius is the person who first wrote about this phrase in a different language. 

Q. How to be a friend in need? 

Ans. To be a friend in need, you must make your friends safe around you. You must listen carefully to what they want to say. It would help if you did not judge them. You must make them trust you. 

Q. What are the three types of friendship?

Ans. The three types of friendship are:

  • Friendship for benefits: these are friends who are in a relationship of friendship with you because they have some use for you. 
  • Friendship of Pleasure: These are friends with whom you like to hang out and who loves your company.
  • Friendship of Loyalty: This is the best type of friendship. It doesn't have any expectations but respects and cares for you. 

Q. Who is a true friend?

A true friend is always there for you no matter what. He cares for you, loves you, and always watches your back.